Invitation to comment and reminisce.

This project focused on graduates of the old South Hadley high school, many whom still reside in South Hadley or Granby. We hope that this Comments section will allow a continuing dialogue for those interested in South Hadley’s history, and provide information to the College that may help it collaborate with the Town again in the future. If you live in town but weren’t able to participate, or if you live in another part of the country, you are invited to reminisce, or comment on the topics already discussed by others. Those who attended the old high school before the new one was opened in 1957 are especially encouraged to contribute comments, but others who graduated later, or who don’t have any formal affiliation with the high school are also welcome to write. Please include in the post your name (if it has changed since high school, also include your former name) and year of graduation.

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4 Comments on “Invitation to comment and reminisce.”

  1. Bob Judge Says:

    Professor Roth:

    I want to thank you and the College for your hard work in making this project come to life. I hope that the South Hadley Historical Society and the College are able to collaborate again in the future!

    Bob Judge
    Board Member, S. Hadley Historical Society

  2. Joshua Roth Says:

    It was a pleasure working on this project! I learned a lot about the high school and South Hadley. My students also learned a lot. Last week when I was visiting my parents and in-laws, I showed them the site and stories of their high school days started pouring forth. I learned my father-in-law was president of his high school class (1953, Chicago), and that his campaign platform included reducing the price of cafeteria milk from a dime to a nickel.

  3. Pictured is class of 1953, not 1956

  4. Paul Baerman Says:

    I just discovered your web site,and greatly enjoyed it. I’m sorry that I didn’t find it before.
    In defense of Mr. Foley and Miss Driscoll, while the comments were true, they were 2 of the teachers that had the most positive impact on me. Bart Giamotti who was a member of my class ( 1956) through his sophomore year, sent me a letter, right after he became president of Yale, in which he stated that Mr. Foley was the best teacher that he ever had.

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